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CTM Festival


CTM Festival, various venues, until 2 February

Dis Continuity is the theme of this year’s CTM (Club Transmediale) Festival, the fifteenth reincarnation of an event geared toward presenting “adventurous music and arts” to the public (read a report from 2012 here to get the gist) . As the name suggests, the focus is on fragments of lesser-known artists and genres that have managed to shape musical development over the years, as well as ideas and movements that have survived in spite of being met with resistance when first introduced.

Eschewing the obvious contributions to the musical canon, Dis Continuity will explore music that has fallen between the cracks of the general consciousness but which still managed to exert its influence from behind the scenes. For 10 days, CTM presents a program of concerts, workshops, panels, lectures, club nights, film screenings, exhibitions, and more all running parallel to the transmediale festival for art and digital culture.

CTM will also premiere four commissioned works, along with the Generation Z : ReNoise exhibition and n-Polytope installation. For the more hands-on individuals, there is a Musicmakers Hacklab that gives participants the ability to experiment with both analogue and digital tools in a merging of sound, sight, and technology. Finally, on the penultimate day, CTM will host Education Networking Day, an event featuring students, professors, and researchers in the art field, where they will be able to present their research projects. Natalye Childress

Events, venues and admissions vary — check website for full programme.